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Programming and designing smart phone applications

Professional customers are going to use smart phone applications to quickly access the services of their businesses, entities and individuals. The studies have proven that any organization, private company, government agency or even individuals should implement a smart phone that provides the same service provided by the website, because the mood of the user to deal with the application and reflects the ease and flexibility more than dealing with the website, which may not Supports the phone environment it uses.

As for our services:

  • Design and programming various iPhone applications “iPhone and IOS Apps” on all versions.

  • Design and programming Android applications “Android Apps” on all versions of all sizes.

  • Design and programming of Windows Phone Apps on all versions.

  • Direct connection of applications with data management sites to ensure data synchronization between site and application.

  • Fill in local application databases for applications running outside the network.

  • Enter the “Push Notifications” notification system on the application and give the customer full control over how it is sent.

  • Enter the “In-App Purchases” procurement system on the application.

  • Add an Image Gallery to the application.

  • Upload and download “Download & Upload Files” from the application to the server and vice versa.

  • Installation of complex designs, dynamic and sound effects and Arabic fonts .. Install ads “Admob” on the application ..

  • Install Google Analytics to extract insights and statistics on an application.

  • Install the “Addthis” service to publish the application and extract indicators of how successful the application is on social networks.

  • Connect the application to YouTube Api to view videos downloaded on YouTube channels.

  • Introducing the mapping and distance measurement system to the “Maps & GPS Directions” application and using it in several areas.

  • Direct link to the application with social networking pages “Social Network Integration” such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and others.

Outputs include:
  • iPhone and IOS Apps
  • Design of Android applications
  • Design of Windows Phone Apps
  • Download & Upload Files

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